Increasing Adoption Of Rooftop Solar PV

We are striving to make rooftop solar PV more attractive for all via technological innovation for enabling rooftop solar PV implementation with minimum resources at minimum cost by controlling & optimizing energy generation, energy transmission & energy consumption all together.

  • Transparency

    Simple and efficient systems with real time monitoring and all time system analysis for predictive maintanence.

  • Innovative Design

    Interactive design with complete superior system. Synchronisation for control and robust working to serve your power needs at its best.

  • Optimal Performance

    Closed loop design to auto adjust the system as per the operating condition to improvise the power generation in accordance with power consumption.

  • Intelligent Energy Management

    Synchronising your power generation, power transmission and consumption for an affordabe and feasible energy independence.

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Install theBeacon - Next Generation Interactive Solar Inverter

Beacon is a single box consisiting of smart solar inverter, energy management system & IoT for up to 25% extra monetary savings compared to all other solar inverters globally.

Check theFlowlinc

IoT based Industrial Automation controller for optmiized and affordable industry 4.0 / IoT / automation implementation

Track your Energy usage

Renewable energy technologies are becoming more cost effective every day. The Internet of things is growing rapidly and more devices are becoming smart. We’re here to help our customers channel this new energy landscape and enable them to intelligently monitor and control their usage.

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Providing accessibility to affordable power derived from renewable resources, free of geographic and transmission constraints.

Ashutosh Kumar, CEO at Ushva

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