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Dream Energy Neutral

Ushva is founded with the vision to offer renewable, affordable, and clean energy devices to all. We are a team of IIT Bombay graduates from various disciplines. We identify and share common aspirations and goals which benefit the company, its employees and the society as a whole. Our willingness to learn and implement new business practices in our company provides us an edge over our global competitors. We believe in creating a better world for each and every individual using modern technological advancements in renewable energy sector.

Our Vision

Providing great accessibility to affordable power derived from renewable resources, free of geographic and transmission constraints.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide elegant, affordable and socially-conscious energy products tapping the potential of clean renewable resources with focus on solar and wind energy. Our products enable everyone to have a better living by ‘powering’ their lives in innovative ways. At Ushva, we strive to bring our customers highest levels of utility and satisfaction through constant improvements and innovation. We believe everyone should have great accessibility to affordable Power irrespective of geographic location and free of transmission constraints and we are here to realize this.

Our Team

ashutosh kumar  ceo ushva
ashutosh kumar  ceo ushva

Ashutosh Kumar

Cheif Executive Officer

Advisory board

  • Mr. Subodh Patel

    Director, Metaforge Industries

  • Prof. Zakir Hussain

    Professor, IIT-Bombay

  • Prof. Dinesh Kabra

    Professor, IIT-Bombay

India has now graduated from megawatts to gigawatts in terms of renewable energy production.

Narendra Modi, P.M, India