Smart Pole & Wind Charger

Learn how you can use our intelligent solar lamps to light your way.
Discover how you can use our Portable Wind Charger to enable your devices to get more work done.

Solar Lamp

Solar-powered household lighting can replace other light sources like candles or kerosene lamps. Solar lamps use renewable energy with infinity supply which is cheaper than standard lamps. In addition, solar lamps reduce health risk as kerosene lamps have a bad impact on human health.
Applications include decorations or providing light to remote villages as shown in the picture.

Rechargable battery - 1.2v
Solar Panels - ~1.2v 25mAh
Size - 85 x 85 x 380 mm

Portable Wind Charger

Portable Wind Charger is a Mobile/ Tablet charging device which can be during travelling hours by wind energy. It is very small and easily attachable to cycles, windows of cars and buses.

Low cost
Easy to handle Compatible with any mobile phone or Tablet