Product Engineer


In this Lead product engineer role, you will -
•Design and layout of high voltage circuits, low power and lownoise analog frontends, robust differential circuits, and high speed digital designs.
•Design and layout of high power Battery management system.
•Design and development of control algorithms on microcontroller.
•Projects include High Power circuit design and debugging , PCB Layout design ,Embedded Firmware Development.
•Appropriate Experience with Circuit design, Embedded Firmware Development , PCB design , Debugging of hardware and embedded software.
•Experience in Use of MOSFET & IGBT, High and Low pass filter , DCDC converters , Feedback controller (digital controller).
•Design and development of control algorithms on microcontroller.
•Solid understanding of multiple programming languages (embedded c , c, c++) ,simulation softwares like Simulink, Multisim (or any other relevant spice software) , microcontrollers and its coding.
•Excellent functional knowledge of embedded systems including microprocessors, microcontrollers, wireless semiconductors, regulators, standard digital logic ICs, and discrete semiconductors.
•Experience with troubleshooting / root cause techniques for electronic assemblies.
•Experience in using Multimeters, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Network analyzer and power supplies is required.
Bonus points if you have:
A BS or MS in Electrical Engineering from a top school, but a wonderful project list trumps all Prior startup experience is fantastic (but not necessary); being scrappy will help you hit the ground running.
Perks and benefits at Ushva:
Competitive salary plus equity based on performance A brilliant team working on an array of new Clean technology ventures that you have the opportunity to create and shape.
Circuit Design, High Speed Signaling, Digital/ Analog Circuit Design, PCB Layout Design, Embedded Firmware Development, Analog / Mixed Signal Design, c language.