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We at Ushva, provide solutions to help you design your systems and Products, flexibly and economically.

Our goal is to achieve maximum independence from conventional forms of energy for our customers. Our focus is the grid management service using renewables amongst other things and to offer versatile solutions for a stable energy supply. Our technical solutions ensure the efficient operation of your PV system. You are assured of successfully implemented projects for a reliable electricity supply, offering the best prospects of a profitable future.

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Implement & Market

From planning to utility grid connection, USHVA offers
● Simple planning and design with support from SMA experts
● Quick and easy project implementation
● A comprehensive portfolio of flexible and intelligent DC-to-AC system solutions to meet every requirement and need from a single source
● Designed for maximum usability
● Smooth installation and commissioning on the utility grid
● Successful project handover with no worries about the future
● Service excellence safeguards your contractual obligations

Maximum yeilds & Security

USHVA ensures optimum yields with minimized project risk
● Risk-free electricity marketing with high yields for the entire project lifetime
● Reliable, independent self-sufficiency with cheap electricity
● Maximum PV system availability and maximum energy yields, even under extreme ambient conditions
● The longer service life and robustness of our components secure additional yields
● Secure grid feed-in thanks to compliance with global grid connection conditions and comprehensive ancillary service functions
● Service excellence from experienced PV experts safeguards your investment


Turn complex technical requirements into future-proof, intelligent and reliable PV systems. With Ushva Sufficient clean energy is available from solar power around the globe. Using ushva system solutions, products and innovative technologies, you can implement, market, and manage photovoltaic projects with commercial success for all industrial applications. For a profitable energy supply, for incorporation into diesel-powered grids, and for optimum self-consumption in commercial applications.

How we make it happen

  • We look at your projects as a whole and offer advice on all relevant matters. USHVA experts provide support with planning and design, engineering and project management as well as installation and commissioning. USHVA team includes experts in PV system design, solar power plant operation, PV module manufacturing, PV module and inverter testing, equipment performance, and structural elements such as rooftop mounting systems and trackers The integration of large batteries into big and very big solar power plants in combination with battery inverters like the Sunny Central Storage enables a more flexible regulation of energy production and consumption. The increased need for power systems that can rapidly adjust to balance generation and consumption caused by renewable energy sources can simply be regulated.

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